I’m a designer and idea person currently working with the World Surf League in Los Angeles. I’ve worked in action sports, fashion, wine and spirits, education, and advertising.





What’s your In-N-Out order?

2 hamburgers— animal style, protein style, ketchup and mustard instead of spread, a side of fries, and a water. 


What’s your design philosophy?

Respect the viewer / user / audience.

Give them something expected so they know the rules of the game. Then give them something delightfully unexpected so they can be happy with your product or service.

Don’t bore the shit out of your viewer / user / audience. 


What’s with all the food and beverage packaging?

Packaging, especially with food and beverages, is a handheld example of the relationship between producer, designer, and customer. In a store, you aren’t allowed to bust open the package and sample the product, visit the brewery/bakery/farm/etc., learn the story of the brewer/baker/farmer/etc., and make a decision about what to buy. So the people who make these products work with designers to have their story told.

Don’t trip on the application. It’s all working towards the same goal— be it a label, a billboard, a 15-second advertisement, a stunt, a web banner, a short film, an Instagram feed, or built environment. There’s intent behind every decision and that’s what I’m here for.

Plus, in college it was easy to buy something cheap and cover up the label with something different, creating a new brand.


What’s the most underrated commercial of all time?

This VW ad.


Who are your dream clients?

Coors Brewing Co., The United States Postal Service, YETI, Linus Bicycles, The Ad Council, Trader Joe’s, The Department of Transportation.