Taco Bell Beer

What if Taco Bell had been selling beer this whole time?

I had fun taking a dive into the company history and branding archives of a California legend. They’ve been doing rad progressive stuff since forever, and I believe it’s only a matter of time before we see these available in Las Vegas and Newport Beach.  



Early (1960’s) Taco Bell menu boards featured phonetic pronunciations because people didn’t know how to say taco.



The shortest-lived, and in my opinion, the best Taco Bell brand identity. 



This is the Taco Bell I remember. Cups would look like this if they weren’t running some killer Batman promo. Shoutout to the De Anza Blvd. location.


Beer Savage Approved

The project generated never before seen engagement on Beer Savage, and had fans calling on Taco Bell to make canned beer a reality.