San Luis Obispo Farmer’s Market

Brochure concept for the great SLO Farmer’s Market.
Two things informed this design:

1. Brochures are future trash (think tri-fold tourist manuals stuffed in a faux oak display).
2. Produce is seasonal, but what’s available when?

I created something that visitors as well as locals would want to keep. Letterpress on heavy stock makes a beautiful keepsake, but also a device that can take countless folding, back pockets, canvas bags, spilled beer, and BBQ sauce. Despite being a good California native, I still can’t commit seasonality to memory— so the back of the brochure is a guide to central coast produce availability. 

Farmers Market Web.jpg
Farmers Market Web2.jpg
Farmers Market Web3.jpg
Farmers Market Web4.jpg
Farmers Market Web5.jpg